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Ngineering solutions limited (NGSOL) specialise in sourcing engineering components from manufacturers in various countries around the globe, including UK, Europe and Asia.

NGSOL employ qualified manufacturing engineers in the UK and Asia, across a diverse range of skill areas. Combined with many years experience of dealing with companies around the Globe, NGSOL are able to provide a one-stop shop for all of our client’s needs.

During the last 12 years NGSOL have audited over 100 companies worldwide and created lasting partnerships along the way. We can now offer access to a network of approved suppliers covering a diverse range of components and services. NGSOL guarantee the quality and supply of your products and provide significant savings trouble free.


Scope of supply
Production and Assembly
Supply and Logistics
HSEQ proving and testing

Manufacturing processes
Machined Parts
Sheet metal work and Stamping
Plastic Moulding
Rubber Moulding and seals
Aluminium Castings
Steel Castings
Wirework and Springs
Finishing processes


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Engineering Apprenticeship
Ngineering Solutions Limited is looking to recruit another Apprentice for their workshop in Sheerness, Kent.


Mark Tucker attended a one day ISO 9001

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ngineering solutions are a UK based global engineering manufacturing solutions company

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